You Don’t Have to Live with the Pain

If you have pain, Dr. Matt McCoy, Chiropractor, can help.

Chronic pain can sometimes mislead people into believing that this is just the way life is. They are told by traditional physicians that pain management is the best they can hope for.

Most often, that is simply not true.

The underlying principle of chiropractic care is based on a basic bio-mechanical principle of physics. We all know the importance of maintaining a proper foundation in a building – a lesson learned in early childhood when we built our first tower of blocks. Any change in the carefully built foundation can shift the entire structure – never for the better.

The same is true of our body. If your foundation, that being your hip bones and spine, become tilted or rotate, systemic problems occur. The reason for this misalignment may be small bumps and strains over time or due to a single traumatic occurrence. Regardless of how it happens, left untreated, the resulting shift in your foundation causes inflammation and gets int he way of signals being sent properly throughout the body resulting in pain and sickness throughout the most important structure in your life – you!

Don’t settle for temporary solutions. Fists full of painkillers might seem to work for awhile but only treat the symptoms of pain and illness – not to mention the havoc they wreak on other systems in your body. In addition, they do nothing to address the underlying issue.

Call Dr. Matt McCoy at Lifestyle Family Chiropractic in Sycamore, Illinois, at (815) 895-3200 and find out how he can help you get back to enjoying the benefits of a body with foundational integrity.

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