I Could Barely Walk

About a year and a half ago, I was playing with my kids, and through that I could piggy-back the two of them at the same time…I was sadly mistaken, when a shooting pain went through my back. It kind of felt like rubber bands snapping or something to that effect. It just felt really sore for the rest of the day, but I thought that a good night’s sleep would certainly take care of it. Again, I was sadly mistaken; more like sorely mistaken…very sore. I could barely walk, let alone put on socks, pants, or anything that required me to bend my back. I went on for a couple of days like this, and I was able to manage through my day by finding alternate ways to try to do things without bending my midsection. I would sit down and put my feet on my knee to put socks on. I would go barefoot in the house so that I could pick up things with my toes, but what I could do was very limited, especially sleeping. I had to drive to work that following Monday, as it was very tough, as every couple of minutes I would have to change positions to try to shift the weight off of my back. However, that wasn’t the worst of it. About a half hour into my ride, my left leg went numb all the way to the bottom of my foot. The feeling gradually came back but was still very tingly and sore for the rest of the day, kind of like a leg cramp that wouldn’t go away.

I spoke with my mom and a couple of other people that I knew who had back problems in the past and they suggested that I go the doctor and prepare for surgery. I was told that when pain and numbness reach the foot, that back surgery was inevitable. After about four or five days of no sleep and limping around, my wife suggested that I go to see Dr. Matt. She was being treated for sinus headaches, and swore that it really helped her. She was down and out for about a week one time for a sinus infection, and hasn’t had one since her treatment began. I had never been to a chiropractor before, and was a little skeptical, of course. However, at this point, I was willing to try anything that didn’t involve a scalpel and thousands of dollars. I went to McCoy Chiropractic, and withing three days of treatment, I was almost back to normal…SLEEPING COMFORTABLY AGAIN and able to do things that I had taken for granted witha healthy bakc. Dr. Matt had me doing some basic stretching exercises and taking the zinc pills, which really seemed to help dramatically with the healing process. Within two or three weeks of treatment, it was nothing but a memory and has been ever since. I slowly weaned myself to a weekly treatment, bi-monthly and now a monthly treatment that keeps me healthy. In all probability, I will be a lifetime member with chiropractic therapy.

Travis Jensen
DeKalb, Illinois
November 29, 2007