I Can Feel My Feet!

Dear Dr. Matt,

I just returned home from walking briskly around the block. you are probably thinking, “Well, that sounds nice.” Well, it is something that I have not been able to do for at least three or four years. I stopped doing my 20 minutes a day power walk due to pain in the hip, numbness in my legs and feet. I was unable to walk a straight line.

I had been to various doctors and recieved no explanation as to the pain. Physical Therapy was suggested, and then I ended up on crutches due to major inflamation in my hip. An anti-inflammatory was prescribed to no avail.

In January of 2004, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I staggereed like a drunk. I had lost sensation in my feet, and I was in pain. My neck, shoulders, hips and feet hurt. It was very difficult to maintain dialy activities due to my discomfort.

Realizing my present course of treatment was not helping with the pain or loss of feeling in my feet, I decided it was finally time to find another course of action. With encouragement from my best friend, who is also a patient of yours, I made an appointment with your office.

After a consultation with you and an adjuistment, I left your office feeling like there would be a day that I would not have this pain. With time and patience, I knew there was hope. I have a daily challenge with Multiple Sclerosis. Short term memory, coping with pain, numbness and coordination.

Over the Labor Day weekend, I had what I call an M.S. moment. I had been sitting at my computer and went to stand up. My feet did not tell my brain they had fallen asleep. End result, two severely sprained ankles. A suggested treatment plan by my physician was to go home, ice down the ankles and rest. No work, no daily activity, let family wait on you. Things would be better in a few days.

I had to cancel my next appointment with you because I was unable to get around. The following ay, I came into your office and you asked if you could take a look at my ankles and feet. I was skeptical, but after encouragement from you, you did an adjustment. Immediately my ankles and feet were feeling better. The stiffness and thick feeling that I was experiencing seemed to be less severe. We have continued my adjustments and the feeling gets better every day.

You have also discussed nutrition and the importance of keeping my body chemistry in check. I have taken steps to improve on this as well. You have been a wealth of information to me and helped me in many ways in learning how to deal with my Multiple Sclerosis.

I have commented that your adjustments are like an addiction. When one feels better as I have with the tratment program you have for me, I know I made a good choice to be treated by you. I want to yell to the world, “I can feel my feet!”

Thank you, Doctor Matt, for everything you have done for me.  I may have Multiple Sclerosis, but you have put a smile back on my face, joy in my heart and hope for the future.

Sincerely yours,
Roberta Smith
September 25, 2004